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Buryatia- sunny side of Baikal!

Baigal travel – let’s travel around Buryatia!

 Good sea – sacred Baikal

Summer rest programmes at Eastern side of lake Baikal,

Chivyrkyiskiy fairytale of Baikal

Accommodation: guest houses, flowing hotel «Eco- tour», tents - Baikal fish kitchen, rest, fishing, bath- house

Water excursions on «Yaroslavec», caters, yachts.

The routes: bays and islands of Chivyrkyiskiy bay, sealery of Baikal seal at Ushkanyi islands, in the heart of Barguzinskyi reservation- Davshuu.

Walking routes: «The road of challenges»- plateau of Svyatoi Nos, Barguzinskiy ridge- road to clean Baikal, waterfall Shumiliha-   Barguzinskiy ridge, on the roads of bay from Monahovo to bay Zmeevaya.

Sorovaya fishing (grouper, luce) in the bay, and harius fishing in mountain river.


“Enhaluk”- wonderful place of Baikal

Combined route: by cutter till White stone and hiking  on White stone  cliff.

Fishing, rest, Baikal dinner. Rest on Baikal cordons (wild places at Eastern side of Baikal).

 Selenga river delta- Baikal bird paradise

Ornithological tours to Kabanskyi nature reserve. Accommodation: comfortable cordon, transport – tourist motorboat. Observation of migrating birds.


    Barguzinskaya valley – the country of Bargudzhin Tokum

Tours: “to goddess Yanzhima”, rafting and fishing at Barguzin river.

“Barguzinsk – historical city of Russia”, “Big Barguzin ring: Buhe- Shulun- Ininskiy garden of stones- mountain Baraghan

Business tourism

Organization of business, corporate events in Buryatia, Baikal


Hotels, tourist complexes, conference halls, transport (auto, water, airlines), translators, excursions, cultural programmes.


Excursion programmes:

“Capital of  Baikal Asia”

Contributed to the celebration of 350 years anniversary, “Golden Selenga placer”, “The Great Tea road”, “Shaman cults of Buryat”, “Buddhist monasteries of Buryatia”, “Orthodox holies of Buryatia”, “Day of nomad”, “The old believers of  Zabaikalie”, “1st victory of Genghis Khan”, “The road of Geser”. Company organizes tours called “Tea roads”- Kyakhta,

In 2016 the programmes of tours contributed to such festivals as : “Altargana”, “Night of Ekhor”, “Festival of cossak culture- Union”, “The voice of nomads”

 Ethno- tourist programme “The day of nomad”

The programme includes visit of Buryat villages and etnotourist complexes (Atsagat- Steppe Nomad, Arbizhil, Upper Ivolga)

The programme includes visiting of Buddhist temples, museums, original Buryat villages, performance of folklor group, traditional games and ceremonies, Buryat national kitchen. Accommodation in guest houses, yurts (national Buryat house).

Horse riding and sleigh rides.

Buryatia- Buddhist center of Russia

You’ll visit the center of Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia- Ivolginskiy datsan, Buddhist center “Rinpoche Bagsha”, main Buddhist datsans of Buryatia: Tamchinskyi- Gusinoozerskiy, Atsagatskiy, Aninskiy, Murochinskiy, Egituiskyi, Barguzinskyi, Kizhinginskiy.

You’ll go pilgrimage to the World Buddhist sacred places- the statue of sandalwood Buddha- “Zandan Zhu”,  “to goddess Yanzhima”, mountain Baraghan. Also you’ll see the body of XII Pandito Khambo Lama Dashi Dorzho Etigelov


The programme: excursions in datsans, meetings with emchi- lamas, astrologer, visit of Buddhist khurals, stupas, sport national holidays “Three games of husbands”.

 Baikal adventures

Raftings on Turka, Selenga, Uda, Dzhida, Barguzin + fishing

Horse riding and walking tour on Shumak springs- in july and august.

Big expedition to Small Tibet: Oka rafting, waterfalls at Saylag and Zhombolok, the valley of volcanos and mineral springs Zhoigan and Hoito- Gol

Climbing to Munku-Sardyk (april-may)

Tracking in Eastern Sayans and Khamar-Daban

Rafting and fishing in Barguzin

Rafting on Selenga, Uda, Turka, Snezhnaya rivers 

 The rest in the most beautiful places of eastern Baikal “Sea Baikal”

Recreation centers, resorts, tourist camps, tent camps, guest houses:

Eastern coast:

Enhaluk- Suhaya- Zarechye

Gremyachinsk- Turka- Goryachinsk

Maksimiha- Ust-Barguzin- Chivykuyskyi bay- Barguznskyi bay

Barguzin valley:

Barguzin/ Kurumkan, resorts Umhei, Kucheger, Alla, Garga

Southern Baikal

Kultushnaya- Baikal coastline- Posolsk- Tanhoi- Vydrino

Northern Baikal

Severobaikalsk, Nizhneangarsk, hot springs: Goadzhekit, Dzelinda, Hakusy, Kotelnikovskyi

 Sunny valley of Buryatia

Rest in Tunkinskaya valley

Resorts: Arshan, Nilova Pustyn, Khongor Uula, Zhemchug

Accommodation: health centers, rest houses, hotels, guest houses, aqua park


Sunny observatory, radioastronomic complex “Kvazar”

Volcanos, valleys of waterfalls, Irkut rafting

Horse riding to Shumak springs

Shaman ceremonies

Sacred places of Tunkinskaya valley

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