Baigal Travel tourist Company

“Baigal Travel” Tourist company

Year of foundation: 11.11.2014 (the beginning of work since 2013)

Work experience of the header - the Director DmitrievVyacheslavViktorovich – the professional biography.

The article about the company and about me in the regional tender of entrepreneurs

Are you considered to be a direct operator providing services:

Own company services: services in the organization and excursion services. All other services are on contractual conditions.

Accommodation in hotels and tourist's complexes in Ulan – Ude, Irkutsk, Listvyanka and other tourist places on the lake Baikal -   

 We cooperate with practically all hotels from 2-5 * in Ulan – Ude, Irkutsk, Listvyanka (signed contracts).

What tourism services do you personally organize: 

Transportations (under the contract) – from money-saving to the VIP, water transport,avia – small aircraft, helicopters.

Cars and buses of a different class and capacity. All transport is equipped with microphones, head cushions, polite and tidy drivers.

Water transport: cruise ships under contracts with Irkutsk companies, motor boats of small and average capacity from Buryatia (the area of places of public entertainment on the coast of Baikal)

 Food organization, an experience of take-away food organization - a catering on the lake Baikal. Our company cooperates with the main restaurants of Buryatia, Ulan–Ude, and Irkutsk

We take into account a local gastronomy: Baikal, Buryat, Old Belief, Siberian, hunting cuisines.

Arrangements for feeding on a water transport, picnics on Baikal.

We organize ethno cultural programs for tourists with a performance of well-known in Russia and abroad professional ensembles of folklore and dance activities like "Zabava", "Baikal" and others national Siberian, Buryat, Evenki ensembles.

Museums: We cooperate with all museums of the Republic of Buryatia and many museums in Irkutsk region (organize tours in English).

Tour guides: We cooperate with practically all accredited guides of Buryatia (I impersonally an accredited guide in Russian).

 Employees: 2 people are constantly working at office including the director (it is rather difficult to find a professional and experienced stuff). 

An average number of employees in the companies of tour operators in Ulan - Ude is 2 or 3 employees.  

For the period of generally summer season a great number of tour guides, drives (2-10 people, depending on tourist programs) is involved.

The translations from/into English makes my wife, a teacher of English (graduate of Buryat State University).We have all necessary equipment: computers, the scanner, the copier, phone (corded phone, mobile), the fax, the Internet, Skype, various applications like VIBER, WeChat, WhatsApp

Banking account:

Accountdetails Fulllegalname – limited liability company «Baigal Travel»    

Short official name - LLC «Baigal Travel»   

PSRN 1140327013342 ITN 0326525074 / CPP 032601001    

Registered address: 670045, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan - Ude, Norilskaya St., 24-93

Location address: 670000, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan – Ude, Ranzhurov St., 11, office 110

Postal address: 670000, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan – Ude, Ranzhurov St., 11, office 110

Bank details:

Account No. 40702810614000000622 in ATB branch in Ulan - Ude

BIK 048142744

Correspondent account No. 30101810700000000744

Foreign currency account is in the application

Use the Internet banking

Correspondence language: Russian, English, Chinese (if necessary)

List of discrete tourism services:

Processing of the order: 

Accepting of the request. Translation. Program discussion. Coordination of key points of a tourist product: category of placement, level of hotel suites according to the quantity and sex of tourists in a group, coordination of transport, the guide, a route.

Forming of a route on timing. Calculation of the program cost and its coordination.

Conclusion of the contract with the application: the estimate of a tour and the program with timing.

The advance payment’s size is from 30% to 50%. The remaining amount (by agreement)is paid in terms of a tour time(from 7 to 14 days prior to the tour).

Request processing time: within 1 working day (depending on complexity of the program there can be 2 days, but no more, or on the contrary if the program is quite simple (standard excursion services) - within 2-3 hours).

Knowledge of a product:

Within 11 years I had been working in the governing body of tourism in the Government of the Republic of Buryatia in a position of the head of marketing department. With working and tourist visits I’d visited all regions of Buryatia and the main tourist destinations.

The organization (coordination) of the tourist exhibition "Tourism and Rest in Buryatia was conducted by me for 10 years.

The organization of the Republic of Buryatia participation in the international exhibition slike Inturmarket, MITT, ITB, WTM, KOTFA, JATA was also conducted by me.

Coordination of editions on tourism in Buryatia(guides, maps, catalogs, etc.)was also organized with my help.

I participated in alloys, bike rides, ascensions, mountain routes, climbing routes, etc.

On the territory of Buryatia and in almost all territory of Baikal I had an experience of tour organizations and excursions:

Individual and group tours, congress arrangements, active tours: horse, water – alloys with fishing, pedestrian - tracking and mountain tours + winter on dogs – Listvyanka Olkhon, by snowmobiles – Listvyanka.

I am a consultant for many government structures of Buryatia and the commercial organizations in case of tourist trips organization around Buryatia and Lake Baikal.

Participation in labor unions

I’m the member of the Buryat regional Union of tour operators, Public council on tourism in the Department of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Buryatia, Association of tour operators of Buryatia "to Baikal", Associations of guides of Buryatia.

Finance: working with cash through cash desk and through bank (ruble and currency accounts - $, it is possible to add Euro)

Financial stability of the company for order processing:

Positive statistics on acceptance and travel catering 

"Baigal Travel" Tourist Company is the company in the market of domestic and incoming tourism in Buryatia and Baikalskregion.

Registry number in the Federal register of tour operators of Russia: MW 018514 Domesticand International inbound tourism 

ph./fax: +7 (3012) 220700, mob. tel. +7 950 3877615

skype: horseman2011

Acts under the Charter

e-mail: –an English version of the websiteis on the planning stage now. 

Principal directions of the company’s activity:

Provision of tourism services in the field of domestic and international inboundtourism in Buryatia.

Excursions in the tourist regions of Buryatia, on the lake Baikal, to / from Ulan - Ude and KyakhtaBabushkin, Ust-BarguzinBarguzin, Severobaikalsk, Irkutsk, Khuzhir.

Tours with active ways of movement (equestrian, hiking, water, mountain)

Tourist and excursion service of business events.

Acceptance and travel catering of foreign guests.

Programs and tours for schoolchildren in Ulan-Ude, on the lake Baikal, and to the different parts  of  Buryatia. 

Organization of business events in Ulan – Ude and on the Lake Baikal

Hotel and other means of accommodation services for tourists

Ecological routes in protected natural areas

Transport service (car, air, water)

Advertising - information services in the field of tourism

Participation in international and inter-regional tourist projects (Great Tea Road, Baikal-Hubsugul).

Assistance in organizing of movies recording and advertising for Russian and foreign companies.

 Wander along Buryatia!  - Company’s slogan

 Company's logo   -