10 reasons to visit Buryatia

 1. Lake Baikal is the purest lake in the world The Baikal is a unique place, like this, there is not on the Earth. Hundreds of legends and stories are connected with the Baikal. The local people treat to its magnificence with great respect and awe. Nature of the lake is so beautiful, that charms anyone. The water of Lake Baikal is unique, as the lake itself. It is unusually limpid, pure and full of oxygen. Some years ago the water of Lake Baikal was considered to be healing, and with its help, people treated the disease.

2. Buryatia - the center of Buddhism in Russia Buddhism in Buryatia is one of the treasures of the world culture. It was spread in Buryatia several centuries ago and since that times it underwent several stages of development. Today, Buryatia is the centre of Buddhism in Russia. There are Buddhist temples (datsans) in all regions of the republic. The most famous of them - the Ivolginsky datsan (the center of Buddhism in Russia), the Tamchinsky datsan (one of the most ancient) and the Atsagatsky datsan.

3. Buryatia is a «green area» Buryatia is a place where anyone can feel a connection with nature and can back to its roots. People of the Republic of Buryatia and its guests appreciate, In'.I of all: clean air, healing springs .iiul mineral water, ecologically clean products, produced on the Buryat land, unique flora and fauna, a symbiosis of traditional and alternative medicine. But the most important thing is hospitable and Itiendly people, who worship age-old traditions and are happy to receive quests on their native land.

4.  The sights of the capital city of Buryatia — Ulan–Ude Ulan-Ude is the capital city and the centre of the Republic of Buryatia. This Is one of the oldest and largest cities of Siberia and the Far East. On the main Square of the city it rises the monument lo Vladimir llyich Lenin, that represents huge head of a great leader that is made of bronze with the height of 7.5 meters and with the weight 42 tones. This monument is listed in the Guinness Book of Records and its dimensions are impressive.

5. At the intersection of East and West Buryatia is the region, where they live about more 110 different nationalities. That is why it is quite a unique place located at the junction of the East and the West with mixed cultures. The Republic of Buryatia is located at the crossroads of the routes linking Russia with countries of Asia, first of all with Mongolia and China. Once here there was the Great Tea Road.

6. Unique flora and fauna of lake Baikal The diversity of the organic world of the lake Baikal impresses imagination, but not less than its originality. Many plants and animals that inhabited the lake can be find only in the Baikal. Lake Baikal is home for 848 species of endemic animals (about 60%) and 133 species of endemic plants (15%). Not any other lake can boast of such number of endemic species.

7.  Event tourism Burayt people have a lot of national holidays, but only two of them are the most widely and commonly celebrated. The first is the traditional New Year according to the eastern lunar calendar — Sagaalgan, that means in translation «White month». The second holiday is Surharban, cultural and sports festival, during it the participants compete in three types of sport: archery, Buryat wrestling, horse racing.

8.  National cuisine It is enough only the national cuisine to come to Buryatia and fall in love with it. The main component of the national Buryat cuisine is meat dishes. Along with a variety of sausages, Buryat cuisine is famous for such dishes as "buuzy", "Buhler", such dishes as "buuzy", "Buhler" (beef broth), "ubsun", "khirmasa", "hiime", "khushuur", "oreomog", "shulen", "Salamat". In addition to the Buryat cuisine, there is such a variety of national cuisine as Baikal cuisine, where the main dish is omul, dishes which will satisfy even the most sophisticated gourmet.

9.  Extreme tourism Buryatia is a Paradise for young people who like extreme sports and attractions. Here, there is everything: mountainous relief for mountain biking, convenient slopes for skiing, snowboarding, asphalt roads, the rose of the winds for kiting and paragliding. And that's not all. A lot of men are dreaming to get to Lake Baikal not only because of its incredible beauty but also because it is an excellent place for hunting and fishing. Fishing on Lake Baikal is not just a way to spend the time, it is the brand of our region.

10.  Buryatia — this is a sunny country. The first thing that the tourists notice is an abundance of sunlight. The sun shines here 320 days of the year, charging with positive and good mood! Even in frosts, when the temperature is 40 degrees below zero, the blue and boundless sky lights up with a bright glow of the friendly Buryat Sun. That's why, the most beautiful and cheerful people live in our city. We are waiting for you in the hospitable Buryatia!